Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Contact Information

Cache Walker
Credit Repair Specialist
Lexington Law Affiliate
Email: credit2buy@gmail.com
Phone: 801-628-7417


About This Blog

I previously worked for Lexington Law as one of their Senior Paralegals. I was involved directly in the credit repair process. I am now working directly with the companies who need their client’s credit repaired. Lexington offers many services to improve the credit report and score of your client. In many instances this is the difference of having a client be able to purchase your product.

I am located in Fayetteville and am more then willing to answer questions or even insights into general credit repair techniques. Please know that none of the services Lexington Law offers cost anything to you as the credit provider. We simply will be helping to expand your credit worthy clientele.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or have a client contact me directly. I will always direct the client back to you and your services once they are credit worthy. There is no cost to you or timely follow up.