Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whats On Your Report?

It is important to stay updated on your credit and whats reported no matter what your situation is!

A few weeks ago my older brother Cameron who is currently in Law School at the University of Arkansas asked me, "Can you show me my credit reports?". I figured it was a joke because he knew that is what I have done all day every day for the last year. Well turns out he wasn't kidding and we did spend an afternoon reviewing his credit report for errors and just to make sure everything was okay.

I always figured that everyone knows to stay on top of their credit and how to do that. Let me offer a few tips of ways to stay on top of your credit.

1. Look at your reports: will allow you to do this for completely free. Do not be tricked into using another site this is the only free one!

2. Review the information: Both positive accounts and negative ones can impact your score.

3. Inquiries: I can never stress the importance of knowing who is accessing your credit.

4. Have Credit Goals: Even if you don't need to fix anything you can usually always improve!
Great suggestion is to review your positive accounts and see in what way you could easily bolster the strength of those accounts.

The thing with credit is they prey on people not knowing what is going on with the system. Be educated when it comes to dealing with your credit. I hope that this blog will in some way either educate or encourage people to be educated.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free and I will try and give you my most educated opinion.


About This Blog

I previously worked for Lexington Law as one of their Senior Paralegals. I was involved directly in the credit repair process. I am now working directly with the companies who need their client’s credit repaired. Lexington offers many services to improve the credit report and score of your client. In many instances this is the difference of having a client be able to purchase your product.

I am located in Fayetteville and am more then willing to answer questions or even insights into general credit repair techniques. Please know that none of the services Lexington Law offers cost anything to you as the credit provider. We simply will be helping to expand your credit worthy clientele.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or have a client contact me directly. I will always direct the client back to you and your services once they are credit worthy. There is no cost to you or timely follow up.